Short Hairstyles Are as Beautiful as Long Hairstyles

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It is the dream for most young girls to have straight and long hair that was called the beauty by the majority of people. Actually, it is very nice with long hair. Before long, I also think that the girl who wears a long and straight hair is prettier than the other girls, so I kept my hair until I graduated from the university. Also, I kept the it long because I was born with curling hairs. As we know, curls would not be beautiful when they are too short.

One day, I saw an advertisement on TV which sells GHD Hair Straighter, and I was so excited because it meant that I can cut my long hair that I thought to change it long time ago. After a few days, I had my long hair cut because I found my favorite short hair style which I thought was prettier than my long hair.

To my surprise, all the friends praised

Tips to Get Acne Skin in summers

191Acne is an awful situation for almost every girl. And the problem grows further in the summer season. With the summer season approaching soon, most of the girls must have already started thinking about the best options to avoid acne problem and get clear skin. There are hundreds of technique, home treatments, medicines and other options to remove acne, but the best among them is the ayurvedic acne treatment. This is a completely safe and effective option for women of every age. They can use different ayurvedic treatment to get rid of acne in summers.

This is a preferred option among ladies who have tried all the other treatments and have to almost zero results. The market is full of cosmetic products claiming magical effects on acne, but all know that these are just fake claims to entice the ladies facing acne problem. The result ayurvedic beauty products show on acne is completely unbeatable. Further, you can also combine the use of these beauty products with some home remedies to see real results. So here are some tips to help you

Christmas Beauty Tips

unduhan (2)At Christmas, you do not have to go to the hairdresser to have hair on top. To make a star hairstyle yourself, we asked experts to give us their tricks!

The holiday season, we are inevitably right every year. But every year we try to renew its look His shoes, his Christmas decoration … This time, you are entitled to expert advice!

We asked professional hairdressers give us their tips for a Hairdressing trend in a jiffy.

According to experts, “these two festivals are wonderful opportunities to fasteners and buns. They are Hairstyles bluff and festive family and friends.

You can play with wigs and additions. There are small extensions to comb that can snap easily. We can add a bit in a short time. With these extensions, you can also play on the color without making the locks on his own hair. “

Your staining turns, shampoo after shampoo, Fades and your colored hair become mop? Do not panic, it’s quite normal! The sun, pollution, Hair Care poorly suited…

Your color goes

Tips for Fair Complexion

Few very good masks to lighten the skin tone and add a glow to the complexion. continue to care your skin is always important to maintain your skin and look fresh all the time.

Mix 1 table spoon of milk powder, 1 table spoon of honey, 1 table spoon of lemon juice, and ½ table spoon of almond oil. Apply on face and wash off after 10-15 minutes. This pack helps bring shine to the skin and also removes tan.

You can do a fairness massage easily at the privacy of your home. Soak four almonds overnight. In the morning remove their skin and grind them fine. Make a paste by adding one teaspoon of gram flour, one teaspoon of milk and four drops of limejuice. A regular massage with this paste will assure a long lasting fairness to you.

For 15 days, apply a paste of gram flour (besan), milk (2 teaspoon) and lime juice(3-4 drops) on face and neck for 15 minutes and wash with water. You complexion should improve. Repeat every 2 weeks.


This is best home remedy for dark skin. Sandalwood is one of the most expensive, most exotic, and most aromatic plants known to humans. Sandalwood has

Tips To Hide Your Facial Hair

One of the biggest hurdles for men in achieving a feminine look is beard shadow, but with these simple steps you will be well on your way to getting a smooth face with no hint of facial hair.

Materials Needed

  • Shaving Cream
  • After-Shave Lotion
  • Manual Razor with 3-5 blades
  • Moisturizer
  • Concealer

(Note: If your mustache and beard are extra long you will want to first use a beard trimmer to shorten the hairs, this will make shaving easier)

First and foremost, you want to get a clean and close shave so be sure to take a hot shower and wash your face thoroughly. The steam from the shower helps to open up your pores and soften the hairs on your face. If this is not feasible, wash your face as normal, then take a washcloth, soak it in hot water and press it against your face for a few minutes.

Do not dry your face! The next step is to apply shaving cream to your dampened face and let it sit for one or two minutes, further softening the hair. Then, take your razor and shave, moving with the grain (not against it!) and rinsing the blades

Tips by Beauty Experts to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Whether you were awake until late night, drank too much alcohol yesterday or any other reason you may have those dark circles or puffiness under the eyes, all you want is to get rid of it. And you can do it easily using Concealer right. In this article, you will read some of the most time-tested and proven beauty hacks that will show you how you can use Concealer to make your face look perfectly flawless. Continue reading then.

Follow These 11 Tips While Using Concealer Next Time

  • You probably would have read it before, but it’s time you put it into the practice. Put green tea bags in cold water for a few minutes and then put them under your eyes. This will reduce puffiness.
  • When you use eye cream as a base for Concealer, chances are the products don’t blend so well and thus cause fine lines over your face. Makeup professionals recommend mixing serum and Concealer before you apply it so you can ensure even finish.
  • You need to know when the right time to put on Concealer is. Remember, it is used to cover blemishes, puffiness, and dark circles. First,

Easy contouring tips

As you may well know, celebrities look entirely different than how we see them. If you’ve ever seen them without makeup, you’ll know it’s all about makeup tricks and corrections that make them look more appealing. The idea is simple: it’s all about creating contrast by highlighting and contouring. You want to highlight with a light shade the parts of your face that you want to bring out, and use a darker shade on the parts that you want to tone down. Face contouring makeup is no longer a hard process that you have to refer to specialists to get, at least on an everyday basis, as we present to you today simple makeup ideas & tips for contouring that will make it easier for you.

You will need your foundation, one foundation two shades deeper, one foundation two shades lighter, powder, a damp facial sponge and a brush.

1- Use two shades of base:
The secret to getting the right skin tone is to apply foundation that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone on the center of your face (on the middle of your forehead, your nose, cheeks and chin), and another one that’s one

Emo Girl Haircuts

Having shorst, medium or long hair can’t stop you from getting an emo hairstyle. There are just a few main things to fallow, like layers, dark shades and extra straight hairstyles. Here are a few tips to help you out in creating emo haircut that matches your hairstyle and your personality.

Short Emo Hairstyles

Short emo hairstyles are quite rare, especially between girls. Even boys get a longer haircut for this style. The choppy layers are the main must have in this hairstyle and the extra straight texture. Keeping it dark shaded makes the hairstyle even more edgy. Bangs can be left straight in this case, to create a more dramatic look. Colors can be used in strands, in any shade or color, just make it bright. But stick to the two tone hair colors so that you won’t get confused between emo and scene hairstyles.

Medium Emo Hairsyles

Medium emo hairstyles are very common, mostly featuring side swept bangs. With their asymmetrical, choppy layered haircuts, they may be styled in a messy unique look. It will need strong styling products to get the wright structure, but the result is more than

Hair Styles Will Suit your Round Face Best

If you are like many women out there and have been gifted a round face, there are specific hairstyles for round face shapes that will make you look more beautiful.

But before we proceed to give you hairstyle ideas, here’s an important question…

Are you sure you have a round face?

To make sure that you are going to get your best look with these hairstyle tips, it’s important that you first make sure you have a round face.

One simple way is to put your hair into a ponytail and go in front of the mirror. Then draw the outline of your face on the mirror with a lip stick around your face. Then step back and see what shape it is more similar to.

Here is a list of face shapes to help you see which one your face drawing is more similar to…

* Oval

* Round

* Long

* Heart

* Square

* Diamond

Another great technique to see if your face is really round is to ask other people like your friends or family members to guess your face shape. Since they will have an outsider’s look, they can say more accurately.

OK, so now that you are sure you have a round face, let’s see

Womens Hairstyles Tips

Curly hairstyles present a look that can go with any occasion. Many people with curly hair often desire straight hair and those with straight hairstyles envy curly tresses. Curly hairstyles can be worn by anyone and everyone. If you’ve got curly hair and it tends to frizz, use a heavy-weight gel or a relaxing balm and let your hair dry naturally.

Women just love doing anything and everything to enhance their personality and beauty. Looking glamorous and elegant in every season for every occasion is important for her. Choosing right kind of hairstyle is as important as finding a unique dress, stunning shoes and make up.

Hairstyles of women had achieved wide variations from time to time. Women hairstyles had always been elaborate and are not rigid but are flexible with the changing phases of time and generation. Depending upon the nature of occasion, women’s hairstyle differs and varies. Hairstyle is a very important aspect which measures the fashion of the latest trends.

Short haircut denotes business and career for women. In 1960 short haircuts were used by Twiggy as a symbol of women’s liberation. Thereafter most of the women into some kind of business or service started keeping short hairs

Hairstyles For Fat Faces

Hairstyles are one significant factor for a person’s beauty. Be it a man or woman, the look of one’s hair makes a phenomenal difference in their beauty. So it is essential in understanding the importance of having a good hairstyle. At the same time, it is also important to understand the necessity of having hairstyles that suit each individual.

Since the shape of the face is one supporting factor for the hair style, it would be better to make a choice of the hair with respect to the size and shape of the face. People with fat and chubby faces are always concerned to have better looks and here are some good tips.

Bob hairstyles are a good option for chubby faces. A fat face does not mean that someone is oversized, as any face which lacks visibility of the facial bones is considered to be a chubby face. A bob hair style forms a frame around the face and extends beyond the neck, so that the face looks complete. This hair style then can be shaped into layers as well for a better look. Bob hairstyles can better suit a fat face and would definitely

Afro Hairstyles For Men

When one hears about Afro hairstyles, one is reminded of Venus Williams’ tightly braided hair and the little beads attached to them, which were the cause of distraction to every female player she played against. Stereotypes apart, afro hairstyles have always been considered the most difficult to maintain at best or, at worst, almost unkempt or barbaric. Still Afro American men, from Michael Jordan to singer Shaggy have always created style statements because of the way they style their hair (or the way in which their hair styles itself, whichever comes first!). Some Afro hairstyles are extremely complex and will demand a lot of maintenance and money for styling, while others for instance that of Bobby Farrell from ‘Boney M’, just needs us to let our hair grow amuck. Here are some Afro hairstyles that men can endorse. Afro-American Hairstyle For Men Here are some examples of Afro hairstyles that men can endorse: The Natural Afro Look A natural Afro style could be considered as the large version of the Afro. It is referred to as a natural because it is the kind of hairstyle that comes to a person naturally and deman

Beauty tips in urdu

Wear Side Bun Hairstyles

Side bun hairstyles are getting more and more popular since they have made a huge comeback on the runways. It is a simple updo, yet sophisticated in its own way. It is a low maintenance look that provides a secure, elegant and stylish appearance for any occasion. Here are some ideas on how to wear it.

Straight or Curly Hair

First of all, you should decide what texture are you going for. Straight hair can do a perfect sleek side bun that add a bit of edginess to your look. It is definitely a statement making style that provides an eye-catching appearance. You don’t need to accessorize it, just use a long strand to pass it from one side of your head to the other one and use it as a natural accessory. Try to make it without any parting to create a unique style. Fix it with plenty of hairspray.

If you go for curly or wavy styles, you can create glamorous buns with volume. These ones perfectly match side partings and bangs which will soften your look. Make tight curls and finish a perfectly polished bun, or leave hair in soft waves, tease

Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Being a bridesmaid is an important role to have in a brides life. Finding the perfect hairstyle might be not as hard as it seems to be. Here are some tips for short, medium and long hairstyle, so that you can find the one that suits your personality. Create the perfect look that matches your bridesmaid outfit and be ready to enjoy the party!

Short Hairstyles

Having a short haircut makes our work a bit easier, because styling it will be much easier. It is a low maintenance haircut that is also versatile. It is a sign of a strong personality and self confidence. Short hairstyles can be accessorized with cute headbands or hair jewelry to add some glam to the entire look. It can be shaped in a good girl style or a rock chick look, either way, the short hairstyles are the most long lasting one, because it doesn’t need any retouch during the entire wedding.

Medium Hairstyles

Medium hairstyles are even more versatile. You can style it in a small bun, pin it up at the sides or just leave it loose. The medium hairstyle can be funked up with some hair accessories

Pack your beauty bag for traveling

If you are headed on a trip, you can’t bring every makeup, skincare and haircare product from your bathroom. Plan ahead and pack smart when traveling. Follow these steps for packing your beauty bag.

Step 1: Remember 3-1-1

Airport regulations allow 3-1-1 for carry-on bags — 3.4 ounce bottles or less; 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip top bag to hold the bottles; 1 plastic bag per passenger. If you have larger bottles of liquid, you must put them into your checked baggage.

Step 2: Consider your destination

Are you headed to a tropical locale? Select products that can withstand the heat and humidity. You can probably do without the heavy foundation and rich creams. If you are attending any parties or formal events on the trip, be sure to bring your evening makeup — darker eye and lip shades with a bit of shimmer.

Step 3: Use 2-in-1 products

Hair Removal tips for Girls

Beauty Tips in Urdu

Top Ten Cars

To conserve space, use as many 2-in-1 (or 3-in-1) products as you can. With many mineral powders and other cosmetics, you can use one product for eyes, lips

Add Beauty Hair

Attractive performance can often be influenced by beauty of hair style, beauty of face compose and the beauty of the  approach. Some people have susceptible skin and hair to get beautified. In this instance, it is needed certain pure skin care tips and treatment. Locations tips to add attractive hair for perfectionist outlook on life.

Keep the shape, balance and always hydrated

When your system in dehydrate condition, you can certainly get infected from sunrays irritation and radiation. There are some skin care products out there that work to protect your sensitive skin from sun irritation plus radiation. Skin cream is the best skin care products.

 Always get certain different types of nutrition

The right method of nutrition play major role in pure skin care and treatment. Doing the healthy diet with fruits and veggies and green vegetables works miracles option of choice. Vegetables and fruits are rich in roughage, high water content plus vitamins.

Drink ample water

Drinking plenty of water is a good method to keep the body out of dehydration. Water also supplies great benefits for innovative energy and cell regeneration. It’s commended to drink

Beautiful Without Makeup

Makeup always makes you look better for a certain period of time but it never gives you natural beauty. You even look beautiful without makeup, and it is clear that real beauty is natural beauty and the best beauty secret is that you can look decent without wearing makeup, too. Beauty without a makeup is not hard to attain if you have healthy living habits.

Below are the some beauty tips that give a woman a gorgeous and sexy look without a makeup.

1. Drink water!

Water is one of our basic needs. And if your skin is dry and scaly, it means you need to drink more water than normal to stay hydrated and make keep moisture in your skin. In addition to tap water, you should also drink juice or green tea. Juice, like carrot, tomato, orange juice with pulp; these vitamin-enriched juices give you texture and helps to make you skin look firm. Keep in mind, do not drink too much coffee because coffee contains caffeine and a caffeine overdose will give you some negative effects such as restless sleeping, anxiety, a fast heart beat etc.

2. Always retain your eyebrows

Amazing Women Fashion Tips for Looking Great

Fashion is the modest technique that changes women’s lifestyle in the appropriate manner. There are plenty of women fashion accessories that are useful for women. The most used fashion accessories are clothing, handbags, Jewelries, and cosmetics. These fashion accessories always change according to the season and the latest trends. So, women have the wide choices to buy different types of accessories according to trends and get the fabulous look in every occasion. There are some tips that are the best for women who want to look great and stunning. These also discover shopping techniques and fashion advice on different types of accessories that make sure you will get your full value for your money.

1. Look at attractive items

It is necessary for women to choose classy pieces of fashion accessories like beautiful clothes, classy handbags, stunning jewelries and more others. If they wear fashionable and trendy clothes, carry stylish bags then they get a perfect and the great look ever. Also, find out the fashion items that are more flexible and comfortable everywhere.

2. Search the beautiful clothes

For the striking look, clothing is the essential part if you wear stylish clothing then

Diet, Nutrition, Skin Care And Scar Removal

What better way to be beautiful than have healthy skin? Are there natural ways to do this? Yes you know there!
Truly our society we are all tempted, processed foods, and the result is that very few people eat a healthy diet. Typical of nutrients, which are known to promote healthy skin vitamins A, E, C, Omega 3 and 6 anthocyanin, the red pigment found in cherries and red wine ensures collagen intergrity, and it is good to prevent varicose veins, promotes healthy skin, bones and joints. Fish not only provides the vitamins and omega 3, but also vitamin D necessary for calcium absorption. Vitamin C has been found particularly kiwifruit. The vitamin E in almonds, olive oil and omega-6.
If you do not eat well so that your body accumulates toxins resulting from free radicals and aging. Yes wrinkles! Processed foods such as using vitamins mentioned above. For example, the extra virgin olive oil contains vitamin E is needed to digest the oil. But if you eat low oil as fatty fish and chips, where vitamin E has been destroyed by heat and the oil itself is toxic, then you deprive your body of vitamin

Skin Beauty Tips

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It helps protect all our vital organs inside the body, and keep us away from infections. Skin is the most important organ in defining a person’s beauty. A clear, flawless skin is the first sign of a healthy body. Let us look at a few skin care beauty tips in urdu for girls.

Beauty Tips

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Exercises Tips For Women

•Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day to keep your skin moisturized.

•Eat nutritious and balanced foods to supply enough vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C to your skin.

•Drink a glass of water mixed with honey to keep your skin shiny and smooth.

•Skin massage with milk and saffron helps keep your skin moisturized and smooth.

•Keep the room temperatures mild to prevent your skin from drying.

•Bathe with lukewarm water and mild soaps. Do not take a hot water shower as it causes your skin to blush and become dry.

•After a bath, do not dry your skin with towel. Instead with a soft, gentle towel pat dry your skin.

•Eat plenty